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  • Scuba Girl - Clay and Chalk Paint
  • Scuba Girl - Clay and Chalk Paint
  • Scuba Girl - Clay and Chalk Paint

Scuba Girl - Clay and Chalk Paint


SCUBA GIRL • ᴺᴼ 42 - Coastal by Worn to Whimsy


Scuba Girl, the light purple paint color, is a delightful and whimsical hue that exudes a sense of playfulness and charm. This soft and dreamy shade of purple captures the essence of a carefree underwater adventure, akin to a mermaid’s magical realm. Scuba Girl brings a touch of fantasy and enchantment to any space, making it a perfect choice for creating a charming and imaginative ambiance.


Whether used on upcycled furniture, accent pieces, or any creative DIY projects, this light purple shade adds a refreshing feel to your living spaces, evoking a sense of joy and wonder. Embrace the playful appeal of Scuba Girl and let it immerse your home in a world of delightful colors and magical dreams.


With Daydream Apothecary Paint, your DIY endeavors are made easy, as the paint adheres effortlessly to various surfaces, making it suitable for upcycling wood, metal, glass, and more.


This versatile Clay and Chalk based paint empowers you to transform tired furniture and decor into vibrant, renewed masterpieces. This paint is not only a joy to work with, but it also promotes sustainable practices, as it breathes new life into pre-loved pieces, reducing waste and contributing to an eco-friendly approach.


Unleash your artistic potential with our premium clay and chalk paint! The most vibrant paint on the planet! The Daydream Apothecary Paint formula has clay and chalk like paint properties, it has low (VOCs), reconstitutes with water, and blends beautifully with other brands and colors. The formula’s chalk-like properties give your projects seamless coverage and the option for a super-smooth or textured finish. Revamp furniture, explore canvas art, or delve into creative crafts - the possibilities are endless! A little goes a long way!


Available in 6oz and 16oz Pints

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